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1. How to find out what really makes you happy

2. How and why DICK Management is the missing link between politics, morality and religion

3. How your sexuality connects you to everything

4. What virtue and vice are and how they impact society

5. Why the NDM (Non-Dick Manager) is the number one problem in America and the world.

6. What morality really is

7. How to understand the ecology of your desires

8. How to discover and then manage the Cyber-Kinetic energy of your soul

9. How to understand your male and female energy

10. How your ASS (Appetite Survival System) is connected to crime.

11. What your God connection looks like.

12. The twelve steps of DICK Management

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Sean Joseph O'Reilly is a leader in the field of personal development, life improvement, spirituality and travel. An editor of many award-winning books including The Road Within; Testosterone Planet; The Ultimate Journey: Inspiring Stories of Living and Dying; and Pilgrimage: Adventures of the Spirit. He is a thought-provoking and compelling speaker. He has a degree in Existential Phenomenology and is a former associate of New Age pioneer George Simon.


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I. The Ecology of Addiction

There is no more baffling and more difficult behavior to deal with than addiction. One can know everything there is to know about addiction and still be addicted. The word addiction comes from the Latin addicere, which means "to favor". It also means literally "to devote or surrender oneself habitually or obsessively". Obsession, likewise, means "to preoccupy intensely or abnormally". Addiction cannot be understood or properly treated without some understanding of the cyber-kinetic links that the soul's energy makes with the outside and inner world in its quest to manifest. The fundamental rule of addiction is this: what you feed grows. This seminar focuses on eight areas that tend to define and clarify the parameters of the problem.

Practical cyber-kinetic techniques for dealing with addiction will be provided as part of the big picture dynamics of addiction and addiction prevention.

II Anger Management for Adults

Anger is a form of addictive behavior with a component that is destructive to others as opposed to just being destructive to one's self. Anger is typically a manifestation self-directed anger that the ego transfers cyber kinetically through transference to an outside object or person. Since the real object of the anger is oneself, no amount of totemic beating will satisfy the angry person. Anger is a form of pneumopathology that indicates a level of self-development that is "stuck". Anger management begins with a solution that sees the problem as self-originating. Anger is frequently the best defense your ego and local consciousness has against you and who you really are. Topics covered are:

The dynamics of anger

What anger means to the ego

What anger means to the self

What anger means to the soul

Self Identity and the meaning of Anger

Locality and Non-Locality

The meaning of patience

Intensive and extensive viewing of anger

  Practical cyber-kinetic techniques for dealing with anger will be presented.


III. The Appetite Survival System (A.S.S.) and the Criminal Mind

  Anger, addictive behavior and crime can be loosely understood as attempts of the self to find an energy balance. Anti-social behavior is almost always a result of cyber identity dysfunction. Crime can be understood as a species of addictive behaviors that are rooted in the unregulated impulse to pleasure, which in turn is rooted in a poorly developed sense of self-identity. Areas covered in this seminar:

The problem of testosterone

Understanding FIKI

How to watch your A.S.S. (Appetite Survival System)

Crime as a bad habit

The danger of devolution

Intellectual and moral virtue as defenses against crime

Department of Justice statistics and violent crime


Practical techniques for initiating change in the criminal mind are based on the author's experience teaching Ethics in prison.


IV. The Atman Identity: Cyber Therapy, Cathection and the Soul


How do we get people to wake up? What is it that separates those who live dynamic and productive lives from those who wallow in despair and futile actions? As Lao Tsu says, "if the sign of life is in your face, he who responds to it will feel secure and fit..." How many of us have gazed into faces that are for all practical purposes without life? What is it about shifty eyes that bothers us? The techniques covered in this seminar are:

Mindless observation (MLO)

Soul Interrogation



Kun Long

Energy Permission (EP)


Intellectual Virtue

Moral Virtue

Quantum Channeling

Prayer and Meditation



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All Seminars are roughly four hours in length. If audience participation is high (it usually is) then the seminars tend to run towards six hours. I try to be flexible and go with the time restraints and interests of the client. Additional Seminars may also be designed to fit individual client needs. Cost of $3,800 is inclusive of transportation, lodging and meals with thirty days advance booking.


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