The PECER Test

Your Personal Energy Consciousness Equivalency Ratio (PECER) measures the Chi available to your psyche, i.e., energy that has either not been cathected or used up by other activity. The higher the score, the harder your virtue. Scoring is based on the hypothesis that there are four basic levels of Chi: (4) High, (3) Medium, (2) Low and (1) Running on Empty. Scoring is calculated using this four point system with four being the highest score and one being the lowest. Immoral activity in general consumes large quantities of Chi and will usually result in low scores. Higher scores reflect conservation of Chi and generally are indicative of virtuous activity. The PECER Test is a kind of rough measuring instrument that gives you an overall idea of how your Chi is being apportioned. (A sophisticated dong-o-meter to measure the Chi that is actually used by your dick would be most helpful but unfortunately such an instrument does not yet exist.)

This is not a psychological test. Do not confuse the results of this test with any sort of psychological profile. This test is profiling energy levels that professional psychologists are not able to evaluate. Such professionals may wish to test themselves, however, and come to their own conclusions.