Click for larger image Do you want to know the secrets of a dynamic and happy life? Are you tired of self-help books that make promises but don't quite deliver the goods? Would you like to open a window into your soul that could change your life? How to manage your Destructive Impulses with the Cyber-Kinetic energy available to you now is one of the most useful concepts you will ever encounter. For the first time, the metaphysics of virtue and vice and the multi-dimensional dynamics of the human soul are clearly examined and linked to our most important social and political issues.

Our schools emphasize concepts like time and resource management, but for the most part ignore one very important kind of management: DICK Management. This is an ecology of personal energy use (some people call it Chi) that studies destructive, testosterone-driven impulses from the perspective of metaphysics and science. DICK Management will teach you how to redirect your sexual energy and discover your more spiritually enlightened, dimensionally evolved self.

How to Manage Your DICK: Redirect Sexual Energy and Discover Your More Spiritually Enlightened, Evolved Self puts the philosophy of the past 2,500 years and the more recent discoveries of modern psychology into an entirely new context. The ethical and spiritual wisdom of Aristotle and Plato and the timeless knowledge of the East are examined in the light of modern physics. The origins and metaphysical roots of sexual energy are also investigated to provide the missing links between current social issues, sexual morality, and crime and violence. More importantly, How to Manage Your DICK will guide you towards a greater understanding of the secrets of happiness, love and sex.

Problems such as sexual addiction and out-of-control anger and stress can be overcome using the cyber therapeutic techniques presented by the author. Learn self-discipline and how to overcome overwhelming sexual desire by using the leading-edge sexual advice found in this extraordinary new guide to the soul. Discover how Freud's concept of cathexis can be turned on its head to provide a new dynamic for the operations of the soul. Cyber Identity Therapy is about finding your soul's life ethic—not just saying "no" or suppressing your desires but rather about saying "yes" to something larger than the tunnel vision of the Cyclops in your pants.


PART I: The Thing Behind Your DICK

Chapt 1. The World Needs Dick Management
Chapt 2. Your Ass Is Behind Your Dick
Chapt 3. Testosterone - The Fuck It/Kill It Biohazard
Chapt 4. Her Yin And Your Yang
Chapt 5. Draining The Lizard
Chapt 6. Portrait of A Creep
Chapt 7. Entropy And Your Dong
Chapt 8. How A Real Man Behaves
Chapt 9. Discovering Your Inner Animal
Chapt 10. Ancient Dick Technologies Meet Modern Science

PART II: Cyber-Kinetics and the Soul

Chapt 11. Hyperspace and Quantum Soup
Chapt 12. The Bizarre World of The Actual
Chapt 13. Who You Really Are
Chapt 14. Dimensionally Interactive Cyber-Kinetics
Chapt 15. The Missing Link And Genital Appliances
Chapt 16. Vice Is An Environmental Issue
Chapt 17. Flirting With FIKI
Chapt 18. Continence And Incontinence
Chapt 19. Psychobondage
Chapt 20. The PECER Test
Chapt 21. Negotiating With Your Johnson
Chapt 22. A Cyber-Kinetic Exercise Program
Chapt 23. Twelve Steps Towards Dick Management

PART III: Civilization: Public Versus Pubic Policy

Chapt 24. What Privacy Tells You About Your Dick
Chapt 25. Aristotle, Father of Dick Management
Chapt 26. The Non Dick Manager
Chapt 27. Character Development
Chapt 28. Dick Management for Children
Chapt 29. Dick Management or Sex Education?
Chapt 30. The Gandhi-Hitler Index
Chapt 31. Teaching Teens the Art of Dick  Management
Chapt 32. From Boys To Men
Chapt 33. Outlining A Program For High Schools
Chapt 34. Every Woman Is A Dick Manager
Chapt 35. Marriage
Chapt 36. Beating Spears Into Wands
Chapt 37. Surfers of The Tao

Author's Postscript

Here are some definitions to help guide you through the book:

The application of multi-dimensional thinking, i.e., more dimensions than the four we are familiar with (height, length, width and time) to ethics, religion, sexuality, politics, social dynamics, and personal and business relationships, I call the Fifth Access. Dick Management is a Fifth Access discipline and Quantum Cyberdynamics is  Fifth Access metaphysics.

Dick Management (DM)
s a new ethical discipline based on the emerging science of Quantum Cyberdynamics.

Quantum in physics means one of the very small increments or parcels into which many forms of energy are subdivided. Many of these particles such as fermions, bosons, leptons, tachyons and quarks are much smaller than atoms and molecules. Exchanges of energy or quanta between these particles are said to give rise to the four forces: electromagnetic energy, gravity, the weak force (exchanges between electrons and other particles) and the strong force (exchanges between quarks) in short, the universe as we know it.

Multi-Dimensional refers to the dimensions greater than the four we are familiar with: height, length, depth and time. Scientists call this multi-dimensionality hyperspace. It is also sometimes referred to as non-locality. The four dimensions of height, length, depth and time that we are familiar with are conversely referred to as locality or local.

Superstring Theory makes the claim that subatomic particles and the quantum theory of energy exchanges between those particles is regulated by a deeper process that involves rapidly vibrating strings (superstrings) of energy whose vibrations manifest themselves as particles in ten or more dimensions of which only four are evident.

Ecology is defined as a branch of science concerned with the interrelationship of organisms and their environment. Your sexuality is not just confined to your body but is ecologically related to the multi-dimensional energy environment of your total consciousness, other human beings and the energy dynamics of physics.

Soul is an ancient energy concept that can best be explained in modern terms as the non-local or multi-dimensional template of your body. The soul might also be thought of, in a hypothetical way, as being composed of superstrings. (Concepts such as the astral body or ghosts suddenly become much more understandable when thought of as local manifestations of non-local energy patterns.)

Cyber comes from a Greek word that means helmsman or pilot. Dynamic means relating to physical force or energy.

Kinetic energy is classically defined as energy associated with motion. 

Cyber-Kinetic Energy is activity associated with the multi-dimensional and quantum movements of the Cyber (pilot) or soul, and may also be described as life force energy. This is an energy ecology that you live in 24 hours a day. You and your organ are part of a much larger ecology than has ever been explained to you. 

Mental RAM (Random Access Memory) Your brain functions much like a computer and has only a certain amount of mental ram or random access energy to run the operations of your mind. Sexuality gobbles up Mental RAM at a fantastic rate. Ever notice how images gobble computer memory? Sexual images, likewise, gobble up huge amounts of mental ram.

DICK is an acronym that stands for: Destructive Impulses with Cyber-Kinetics. Destructive Impulses are unregulated cyber-kinetic bursts of energy that signal the need for more consciousness and more self discipline.

Dick Management links the development of moral consciousness to a multi-dimensional and dynamic, quantum ecology of natural and spiritual energy. It will show you how to manage your destructive impulses with the natural judo inherent in cyber-kinetics.  

Dick Management is also a new way of looking at the New Age and spiritual proposition that your genitals are connected to the  life force energy of the soul and that sexual activity consumes some of this energy.  Fortunately, life force energy is a renewable resource but too much of it consumed at any one time can lead to unfortunate system glitches in your mental operating system. Your brain, higher self and system of morals also need this cyber-kinetic energy to run well, so you must learn to manage and use all of your energy wisely. Dick Management will teach you how to use the multi-dimensional, cyber-kinetic energy of your soul's life force, sometimes referred to as Chi, to accomplish your goals and live an exciting new life.

D ick Management, as a teaching tool within the context of Quantum Cyberdynamics, also provides a unique and character based outline for teaching sex education and morals to young adults with colorful language and cartoons. Life force energy problems such as anger, depression, juvenile delinquency, low vitality, out of control emotions, lack of motivation, learning difficulties, sex addiction, substance abuse, domestic violence, pedophilia in the Catholic Church and society, unhappiness, sexual abuse, homosexual identity and gender dysfunction, and other symptoms of cyberpathology can be transformed through the principles of Cyber-Kinetics and Dick Management. 

The science of Dick Management can also help educators, psychologists and sociologists learn how to identify the devolved, those who have shed their humanity and adopted their basest instincts as moral, political and spiritual guides. Building on the work of Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas, Freud, Jung, Malz and others, How to Manage Your Dick: Redirect Sexual Energy and Discover Your More Spiritually Enlightened, Evolved Self provides a refreshing alternative to the questions that modern science leaves unanswered. Indeed, this is the one book that conservatives and liberals alike can read with pleasure, profit and ultimately, laughter.   

Sean J. O'Reilly Sean J. O'Reilly holds a degree in Existential Phenomenology and is a former associate of New Age pioneer George Simon. He has been investigating the complex relationship between metaphysics, psychology, and sexuality for forty years. He is an author and editor of many award winning books, including: How To Manage Your D.I.C.K; The Spiritual Gifts of Travel; The Road Within; Testosterone Planet; The Ultimate Journey: Inspiring Stories of Living and Dying; Pilgrimage: Adventures of the Spirit; Hyenas Laughed at Me and Now I Know Why; and God Has Skin in the Game: How A New Understanding of Politics and the Soul Could Change America. A thought-provoking speaker, Sean enjoys going to the gym, teasing his six children and confers often with liquor, the servant of man.

The story of DICK Management began nearly fifty years ago when I was exposed to the writings of Aristotle, Plato and Aquinas by an extraordinary teacher at the University of Dallas in Texas. Frederick Wilhelmsen was a larger than life character who drank and smoked his way through philosophical discourse with the gusto that one normally reserves for the libertine. He was a man consumed by the power of truth and lived his life as if discourse with metaphysics was dearer than blood. He passed on his love for metaphysics and his passion for the truth to many of his students. Some of these students Dr. Wilhelmsen knew well, others he knew only in passing. I was in this latter group, but unlike many of his students, I slipped into the jet stream of his energy and rode his mind like a man on a comet. DICK Management is the ultimately the story of how, as the Chinese say, a good teacher affects eternity.

A few years later, as a volunteer, I tried to pass on what I learned by teaching the philosophy of Aristotle and Aquinas to inmates at Lorton Federal Penitentiary. Aristotle's philosophy of self-restraint, of virtue defined as "remembering what you really want" or "management of the appetites by right reason" was completely foreign to the inmates. Instead, their lives were managed by raging testosterone storms, with violence, wild sexuality and the inability to make good choices all rolled up together. "I've done a lot of bad things in my life. I just want to know why,” said one inmate. There was a complete absence of a philosophical framework that would help to make sense of life, and more than that, to give them the tools that would lead to a better life.

Not long afterwards, I saw the same philosophical vacuum in the realm of politics. In the 1980's, I worked as a political gadfly with an Israeli activist in Washington D.C. and saw first-hand the confusion engendered by the declining common philosophical heritage of the West. Israelis, Palestinians and Americans seemed to speak an Alice in Wonderland political language that served only special interest groups at the expense of the larger good of the people.