If the sign of life is in your face. He who responds to it will feel secure and fit. As when, in a friendly place, sure of hearty care, a traveler gladly waits. Though it may not taste like food and he may not see the fare or hear a sound of plates, how endless it is and how good!

—Lao Tzu, The Way of Life



One of the most fearsome and useful social inventions of all time is marriage. Many men routinely tremble at the prospect of limiting their love horizons to just one woman. Marriage represents a serious form of deprivation to your ASS and it will usually try to avoid this unpleasant obligation. Marriage is the non-local tutor that many men fear the most, and even though some of us have a sense that we need to get married at some point in our lives, we are frequently not sure what to do with this knowledge. Now it is not true to say that all men fear marriage, but it is one of those things that in our culture is almost universally attributed more to men than to women. Women seem to intuitively understand the utility of marriage and usually work diligently on the man of their choice, until all opposition is broken.            

            Marriage is commonly thought of as a ceremony performed by a minister or civic functionary, but this is an incomplete view. The minister, priest or rabbi is only a witness to a non-local oath that is engendered by the couple itself. What is unique about marriage is that it is a public sharing of a private bond. But what does this bond consist of? Promises and covenants are only part of something much larger. If we think of men and women in terms of the positive and negative charges of a magnet, then we begin to understand how the two sexes create energy just by being in each other's company. Electrons flow when the positive and negative pole of a magnet or a battery are brought into proximity with one another or linked. Marriage is taking this positive and negative energy exchange and subsequent flow to a higher level. Couples who simply choose to live together enjoy some of the benefits of this DICK exchange but not all. Marriage brings an extra set of benefits that living together does not.


The Way of the Tao

The Tao, in its ultimate sense, is the Way of God; to be connected to the Tao is to be connected to God in a higher dimensional way. Rationally speaking, it can be argued that if God exists then it would be inconceivable for He, She or It not to wish the highest good for humankind. This highest good, described from a Confucian perspective, is the Way of Li (the moral duties of the individual to society which are rooted in the Tao) and would be described as moral and spiritual virtue from the Western perspective of Natural Law.

            The Way of the Tao is easier to understand, if we bear in mind Aristotle's notion that all things seek to imitate the perfection of the Unmoved Mover. This perfection causes all things to want to be like God. This desire to imitate what is better is at the root of all personal transformation and is the lodestone of the soul. Concepts such as the Tibetan Kun Long (the standing up of the soul in its own moral consciousness) or Heidegger's Dasein, which is non-existent Existence (doesn't exist out of any matrix) reflecting on its own derived existence as soul and signification in time and eternity, are ultimately reflections of a profound desire on the part of all things to imitate their Source. We can change for the better because we are called from all eternity to imitate that which is perfect and free of all suffering and strife.

       The way of the Superluminal Tao, Unmoved Mover (if you prefer that term) or Divine and Eternal Entity is the royal road to consciousness, and it is completely free. There are no hidden charges but you must discover what it is you must imitate before you can actually imitate. This discovery of what is imitable in Divine Law is the basis of all Natural Law. The codified aspect of the law, or as William Blake describes it, the religion of Caiaphas, is not the Way, it is merely a reflection of the Way. Despite their imperfections, natural law constructs such as the Ten Commandments and religious codes of conduct, other than direct revelation, point in the right direction!


Marriage Connects You to the Way of the Tao

A proper marriage is one in which a couple finds themselves in the presence of an invitation from the Way. It is nonverbal and many couples find themselves truly surprised at what the Way offers them. How many times have you heard that: "He or she was not what I expected but it has been wonderful none the less." One individual described his experience of this invitation as a dream about an enormous green wave. He knew implicitly that he had the choice to take a ride or not to. He chose to surf the wave and married a woman who completely changed his life and the lives of many others in the process.

            The true meaning of marriage is found in the non-local sharing of the life energy of another, and in the acceptance and forging of a different future as a new entity open to the non-locality of the Tao. Marriage is the public declaration of this sharing. This is why some marriages are such a headache. If the life energy of Yin and Yang cannot be properly shared then there can be no real marriage. Given the generative powers of the soul, marriage without children may involve a restriction of its capabilities and may be destructive, if its life energy has no other outlets such as commitment to political, religious, and social causes, adoption and volunteerism in general.

            Marriage is really a form of channeling—you literally allow the future to come through you. Marriage is not just about companionship and who pays the bills or who makes the meals. We get so focused on the biology and the social mechanics that we forget that each child connects us non-locally to thousands of generations and events in both the past and the future. That future has an impact in the here and now as the core-self will make adjustments in the present for futures you cannot imagine.

       Marriage should also not be viewed as only a license to have socially acceptable sex. Marriages of this sort are really not much better than arrangements made to live together. Remember that the life force is constantly seeking its own balance and truth. Permissive sex, poor marriage choices and casual habits of masturbation will derail your efforts in this regard.


What Happens When Two People Make Love

           The exchange of Chi in sex involves far more than just screwing. Have you ever noticed how sex frequently depletes men and seems to enliven women? Imagine this: you have just finished having wildly satisfying sex and you are ready to pass out and—your wife or girlfriend is eager for energetic conversation and afterplay! Where do you think she gets this sudden burst of energy? She gets it from you—she just received your Yang energy! Women transform a man's local Yang Chi energy and give some of it back to him in the form of non-local Yin Chi. The ego boosting, moral support and character influencing that women are rightly famous for comes from this most elemental of energy exchanges. This is why copulation is ecologically superior to masturbation. You get some of your energy back!

            The real reason that marriage is one excellent form of Dick Management is that Chi requires channels to transmit itself properly. Your life energy and that of your spouse creates an interlocking directory of psychic channels. Your life energy flows into her and she takes some of that energy and gives it back to you non-locally. Practitioners of yoga refer to this female/male energy conversion principle as shakti.

             Shakti is the female aspect of Dimensionally Interactive Cyber-Kinetics. Shakti creates binding energy in relationships. This is why if a woman gives up on a relationship it is really over. If you create shakti bonds without marriage, both partners can give away more of themselves than they may be aware of. This is one reason that break-ups with long-standing sexual partners are problematic—you have already created non-local bonds and channels that are not so easily dissolved. Dividing the furniture and deciding who gets the cat is the tip of a huge iceberg. This may be a source of much pain, and certainly may distract you from your life path.

         Two persons joined in marriage or sex become an entity that alters the future fabric of quantum reality. The ankle bone is connected to the leg bone up and down the time-lines of past, present and future. Additional energy is created by the merging of Yin and Yang through the Dimensionally Interactive Cyber-Kinetics of love. The commitment of marriage involves an act of will from both parties that enables them to merge. Without the commitment, there is no merging, and no real energy for personal transformation.

         One of the core tasks of all human beings is to find an appropriate marriage partner and to have an improved moral, spiritual and intellectual package to bring to that relationship. The failure to do this, or to abuse this core task, will result in many deviations from the future that is calling to you. Remember, your soul knows the future as part of the quantum continuum. Discipline and self-reflection are required to know and discover consciously those things that the core-self already knows implicitly.







        Apologize for past transgressions sexual or otherwise. Don't worry about how much time has passed. Ask for forgiveness.

        Be quick to apologize for present transgressions. Don't let the sun go down on your anger, as they say.

        Tell your spouse or lover that you love them because you or they may not wake up in the morning. Life is a gift.

        Get married and say yes to children. They are a gift.

        Buy yourself some new underwear.





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